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Suede Jacket Cleaning Service

Regular price $89.00

Professional suede cleaning for your suede jacket. Full immersion process to clean both the inside and outside of the garment. Jackets up to 36 inches in length.

Service Includes:

Shipping and handling included.

Recoloring, refinishing, and pressing are included as part of the service.

** Please Note ** Recoloring of suede is possible in some cases. It is not the same as recoloring finished leather goods. It is not possible to cover stains on suede jackets with color. It does not work that way. Please send photos for free a evaluation.

Minor repairs up to $15.00 are included with the cleaning service. (We can invoice you later for additional repairs, if you need them, and they exceed the allowance) 

Select the shipping kit option from the drop-down menu and add it to the cart. After completing the checkout process we will send a shipping kit to your address, which includes a prepaid shipping label, mailing instructions, a shipping container, and a receipt for your item. Typical service times are about 10-14 business days. 

Select the have my own box service option and save $10. We will email you the shipping label and documents needed to send your suede jacket for service so you can use your own shipping box for service. FedEx is our primary carrier. You can find a FedEx location at Walgreens or use the link in the email that is sent to you. Any box will work. Save a tree today!

Take advantage of our text service.

Send an image of your suede jacket to 800.232.0792

for a free evaluation and quote.

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