Alterations and Repairs

Alterations and Repairs

Sleeves too long? Zipper not working? We can help!

Our tailors and seamstresses can alter and repair just about any garment. LeatherCareUSA employs several tailors and seamstresses to provide a full-line of alterations and repairs. 

LeatherCareUSA repairs and alters suede, leather and furs. So if that jacket has a rip or tear, don't let it hang in the closet. Call us and we will repair your jacket to get it looking as new as possible.

Don't forget that you can have zipper pulls replaced and entire new zippers put into your garments. We carry a full-line of YKK zippers, the best quality in zippers. We can also special order the tricky ones. So before you buy a new jacket or coat, let us put a new zipper in and make it as good as new.

Repair Services Offered

  • Leather tears and seam repairs
  • Zipper Replacements
  • Zipper Pulley Slider Replacements
  • Sleeve shortenings
  • New Linings
  • New Pocket Linings
  • Sew on patches and varsity letters, numbers
  • Button replacements, button tightening, new button sets
  • Snap replacements, additional snaps and more...

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