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Add the service that you would like us to provide to the cart and complete the transaction.

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2. Mailer Kit

LeatherCareUSA will send you a shipping kit that contains the materials needed to send your item to our facility for service. Shipping is included in our services.

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3. Give package to USPS

LeatherCareUSA uses the United States Postal Service as carrier for items coming to our facility. Once the package arrives at our facility, it will take about 10-14 days to receive your item back to your address.

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Restoring the color is included in our cleaning service.

Leather Refinishing is the star of the show. See examples.

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Color Matching Experts

If you have color worn off on your leather jacket, we can air brush new finish onto your leather coat. All colors are mixed from scratch to match.

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Greg & Jeff Schwegmann

Thank you for visiting our website. For over 40 years our family has been providing leather cleaning services to dry cleaners across the Midwest. Each week we service more than 1000 store fronts. Now we offer our services directly to the customers through our website. We take great pride in providing the highest quality of service in our industry. Give us a try today.  -- Thanks, G & J