Frequently Asked Questions

Leather cleaning questions

Is recoloring included?

Recoloring leather jackets or refinishing is included in the cleaning service. Cleaning also includes conditioning of the leather garment. Not all pieces can refinished. Multi-colored leather may require additional time and cost. If you have questions about this, please take advantage of sending pictures of your leather jacket using the button in the bottom right corner of your screen.


Is shipping included or is it extra?

Shipping is included with our services and each shipment is insured for $100. Additional shipping insurance can be purchased for $10 for each $100 of value added.  Due to an increase in shipping costs, shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, and other US territories may require an additional shipping charge.


Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii? 

Yes, we ship to Hawaii and Alaska using USPS. The same goes for other US territories and Armed Service locations. The costs of shipping have increased, so shipping to these areas may require an additional charge.  You can request an estimate before placing an order.  After an order is placed, we will send an invoice for the cost of shipping.


Are goods insured while in your possession?

Goods are insured while in transit and our possession by a private insurance policy that is separate from the carriers coverage. Each shipment is insured for $100. More insurance can be added for a cost and must be requested prior to any shipping arrangement.


How long does the service take?

Once the garment is received in our shop it normally takes 10-14 business days to complete. Service times are based from when we receive the item. Cleaning Service is 10-14 business days. Alterations and repairs may require additional service time.


Can you clean/restore vintage, historic, or custom garments?

Yes, we can clean and alter these items.  Please keep in mind, due to the delicate nature of these types of items, your order may take longer to process.  We can estimate a time-frame upon receipt. Please use our text service to send photos of items. We will reject certain items that are not serviceable and fees may still apply for shipping. We can provide detailed evaluations and communication with our text service.


Can I send my jacket in for cleaning and you send me a quote for the repair or alteration?

Yes, you can order the cleaning service. When we receive your leather garment, we can send a quote and you can checkout and pay for the quote directly from the email. If you send us a photo beforehand, we can often provide quotes before you place an order.


Are there prices on your website?

Yes, visit the ORDER SERVICES page.


Do you offer quotes?

We can provide free estimates for our leather cleaning service. Email or text an image of your garment and we will do our best to provide quotes.


All transactions are completed on our website.

All service transaction are complete through our website. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay and more. We will not send out mailer kits without prepayment.


Can you repair tears?

We can repair tears in leather jackets. We do this by placing a patch on the backside of the leather that is larger than the tear. This reinforces the area. We then glue the torn pieces to the new patch. There is an outline of the tear left. For all tear repairs we touch up the color as possible.  Leather repairs are visible.


Panel Replacement

In some instances, we can replace the entire panel on a leather jacket. The most difficult part of this service is finding leather that matches the grain pattern of the jacket. Matching the color can be done with our refinishing technique. This can be an expensive repair and is done by quote only.


Can you change the zipper to larger size(gauge)?

A #5 zipper is the most common, then #7, #8, #10. We can install a heavier gauge zipper and would recommend only moving up one size.


Have more questions?

Use the live texting service in the bottom right corner. The most effective way to communicate with us. Send a picture of your garment for evaluation and quotes.