How It Works | | Leather cleaning through the mail

How our process works.

LeatherCareUSA provides leather garment cleaning, alterations, repair services through the mail. We use the US Postal Service and FedEx to carry the garments across the country. Work directly with our team to clean and restore your leather garment.

How it works.

  1. Purchase one or more of our services from the website.

  2. LeatherCareUSA will setup your order and mail a shipping kit with a prepaid shipping label to your address via USPS or if you selected the option to have your documents emailed to you, print those documents and follow the instructions in the email.

  3. Package your garment in our materials and complete the steps on the instructions included in your mailer kit or if you selected the option to have your documents emailed to you, print those documents and follow the instructions in the email.

  4. Give your package to FEDEX to send your garment or accessory for service. You will receive a tracking email once the package is in USPS possession. The tracking number for the shipment to LeatherCareUSA will also be printed on your paperwork.

  5. When your package arrives in our facility, we will notify you via email, of its arrival, and confirm the services requested. If there are additional evaluations or quotes needed you will receive another email with that information.

  6. Once the work on your leather garment is completed we will notify you via email that your order is complete and ready for shipment. For almost all return shipments, we return your leather garment via FedEx with a signature required. This information will be in your email. You will receive an email from FedEx with your tracking and delivery information.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is shipping included or is it extra?

Shipping is included with our services and each shipment is insured for $100. Additional shipping insurance can be purchased for $10 for each $100 of value added.

Our goods insured while in your possession?

Goods are insured while in transit and our possession by a private insurance policy that is separate from the carriers coverage.

How long does the service take?

Once the order is in our shop it normally takes 7-10 business days to complete.

Cleaning Service is 7 business days.

Cleaning and Alteration/Repairs is 10 business days

Reline and Sleeve Shorten service averages 10-15 business days.

Is recoloring included?

Recoloring or refinishing is included in the cleaning service. Cleaning also includes conditioning of the leather garment.

Can I send my jacket in for cleaning and you send me a quote for the repair or alteration?

Yes, you can order the cleaning service. We will send you a kit, as described above. When we receive your leather garment, we can send a quote and you can checkout and pay for the quote directly from the email.

Are there prices on your website?

Yes, visit the order services page or use the link lower on this page.


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Have questions? Text pictures to 859.474.0034 or call 800.232.0792 or use our live chat feature for assistance.