How our process works.

Purchase one or more of our services.

LeatherCareUSA will mail you a shipping kit with a prepaid shipping label. 

Package your garment in our materials and complete the steps on the instructions included in your mailer kit.

Give your package to the US Postal Service to send your garment or accessory for service. You will receive a tracking email once the package is in USPS possession.

When your package arrives in our facility, we will notify you of its arrival, and confirm the services requested.

Once the work is completed we will contact you about the pending return shipment.

Shipping is included with our services.

Goods are insured while in transit and our possession by a private insurance policy that is separate from the carriers coverage.

Average service time is an estimated 15 business days.

Have questions? Text only to 859.474.0034 or call 800.232.0792 or use our live chat feature for assistance.


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