Leather Handbag Cleaning

Regular price $69.00

Clean and restore the color to your leather or suede handbag. Bags are cleaned by full immersion method to clean them inside and out. After cleaning, the handbags are airbrushed to restore color and correct blemishes.

Service Includes:

Shipping and handling.

Recoloring, refinishing and pressing are part of the service.

Minor repairs up to $15.00 are included with the cleaning service. (We can invoice you later for additional repairs, if you need them, and they exceed the allowance.)


If your handbag is in need of repair(s), please send us a photo before placing your order via email to info@leathercareusa.com or text 800.232.0792.

Upon purchase of the service a mailing kit will be sent to your address, along with a prepaid shipping label, mailing instructions and receipt for your item. Typical service times are about 10-12 business days.

Select the have my own box service option and save $10. We will email you the shipping label and documents needed to send your leather coat for service so you can use your own shipping box for service.

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