Our Cleaning Systems

LeatherCareUSA maintains a variety of cleaning systems in order to provide customers with the best cleaning options for their goods. We use GreenEarth™ cleaning, which offers our customers the safest and most environmentally friendly option for dry cleaning.

Dry Cleaning

The Science Behind Our Difference

To understand why GreenEarth™ is a better way to dry clean, you should understand what it's not. GreenEarth™ is not a harsh chemical like perc. Perc is a bit of a clothes bully. It is heavy and aggressive; it cleans by dissolving things it shouldn't, like delicate ornamentation, dye, optical brighteners and special finishes.

GreenEarth™ silicone dry cleaning solvent is different. It is lightweight and gentle, has low surface tension, and is non-reactive. It cleans by sliding thought the fibers, attracting soils into suspension and lubricating them away without rubbing, swelling or causing damage. GreenEarth™ can also be purified without energy intrusive processes required by petrochemicals. Optimized filtration technologies enable GreenEarth™ to clean using more than 50% less energy, water and detergent that either conventional dry cleaning and/or high-efficiency home laundry.

Wet Cleaning

Appreciating the Power of Water

LeatherCareUSA offers an advanced wet cleaning system that allows us to wet-clean items that cannot normally be processed in this manner. Our wet cleaning system allows for better stain removal and maintains the feel and look of the item that normally would be dry cleaned. We understand the chemistry of cleaning in water: oils, conditioners, softeners, stiffeners all different types of products used to maintain the look, feel, shape and color of leather garments.

Experience is Professionalism

Seeing is believing

We clean thousands of leather garments and accessories. Why does that matter? When you see all different types of leather, designs, applications etc.; you know, when you should know better, and you know how the item will turn out after cleaning. Our experience helps us determine the best cleaning method for each item. When we don't feel machine cleaning with our dry cleaning or wet cleaning system is safe, then we will opt for hand cleaning the item. Hand cleaning leather is much more than a wipe down, but thorough understanding of what you are doing to a customer's good and how to get the best results.

LeatherCareUSA accepts all types of items for cleaning including fabric items, such as, suits, shirts, skirts, dresses, outerwear, households and more.

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