The Moto-Style Jacket

Here at the most common jacket that comes into the shop for cleaning and refinishing services, is the Moto jacket. Fashionable, practical, and a classic staple that has persisted through the decades, never going out of style.

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“A simple leather jacket…has gotten me through cocktail parties in New York and cold nights in Afghanistan.” - Ronan Farrow (AZQuotes)


The Story of the Jacket 

One thing always draws me to these jackets: their stories. I have never seen one that looks identical to the other. They say you can tell a lot about a person based on what you wear, and the moto jacket simply makes this truth more apparent. Some have more wear on the elbows while others have distinct impressions of where their phone has been camping out. 

Another common edition that leaves me pondering their history are the patches. War veterans have emblems sewn onto their leather jacket, including American flags, eagles, their division, or something else that embodied their story. Some have hearts sewn into the interior mirroring their own, the fabric usually very worn but strikingly meaningful. 

While many have deeper meaning behind them, others are collectors items, and any alteration to the jacket's true form would be appalling to the owner. 

Whether an heirloom, a bold personal statement, imagery of honorable  military service, or a collectors item- we are so thankful that you have chosen us to care for these garments. 

Each jacket and their story is taken well care of and individually treated here at LCUSA and we admire each and every one. Thank you for trusting us with your leather jacket! 

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