The MOB Wife Era

Beige bodysuits and clean makeup routines are making way! 2024 brings a throwback to the hit mob shows. That trend is, the MOB Wife. Not, mother of the bride, but rather the wife of a gangster as seen in movies such as The Godfather, or the hit TV show, The Sopranos

MOB wife era | outfit idea for the MOB wife look | what is a MOB wife?

Embracing fur coats, sports black attire, goes heavy on the gold jewelry, spiked heels, makeup routines far from ‘clean’, and the hair is sure to make a statement. If a MOB Wife and a Clean Girl were to be in the same room, the difference would be Elle from Legally Blonde vs. Peg Bundy from Married... with Children

The MOB Wife aesthetic is taking over the fashion industry in new ways. Faux fur coats are being replaced by vintage real fur coats. Cruising the vintage stores and consignment shops these coats are being pulled from history to make a new statement. 


Who Knew Specialty Cleaning Could Be So Trendy? 

In the 1960’s to 1970’s the MOB Wife first appeared in its current trend being showcased today. MOB wives knew that their fur coats were to be well taken care of and most likely only chose to take them to specialty cleaners, especially since that is what the tag on their precious coats said. 

Trying to clean a fur coat on your own is not advised. These are precious materials that need to be taken to a furier / specialty cleaner, or shipped through shippping program for a VIP Cleaning experience. LeathercareUSA specializes in cleaning fur and leather, and provides repairs for coats. Tough stains and smells are not going to come out in a wash, in fact the washer most likely will ruin your new or used faux or real fur coat. 

Trends come and go. If you find that treasure in the back of a closet or at a vintage store, consider us for cleaning and restoring that piece.

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