Pro Tips #1

After the Winter Weather

Storing and Caring for Leather Goods

Spring and the warmer weather is approaching quickly. After the snow, sleet, rain, mud and the cold of winter, your leather jacket should be cleaned before putting it away. Make a note to send your piece for professional cleaning after you are finished with it for the season. Dirty leathers can lead to future problems, such as mildew or stains setting. Don't get caught next fall with a dirty problem when you can have it serviced now and ready for next season.

When storing your leather jacket, be mindful of a few things:

  • First, never store leather or any natural product in plastic. The plastic bags used by dry cleaners are for transport only. The bags help the customer get their goods home to their closet clean and safely, but do not store them in the bags. Invest in breathable garment bags if you prefer items to be stored in bags. Breathable bags can be purchased online or in most grocery stores.
  • Second, temperature and humidity will affect natural products, such as leather. Store your leather jacket in a closet that is in an air conditioned room. Avoid the hot attic or a damp basement.
  • Third, leather should be cleaned every so often, but it really depends on how much it is worn and if you have stains or soiling that require attention. Don't put away a jacket that has stains that need to be removed, especially if it is a suede garment. Finished leathers can be wiped with a baby wipe, if needed, to remove food stains or light spills. If it requires more than a baby wipe, then a professional may be needed. If you only wore the garment a few times and it is not dirty, then just inspect it and store it on an appropriate size hanger. The hanger should not protrude past the shoulder seams and should be rounded and wide. 

These were three very simple pieces of advice for proper leather garment and accessory storage. 

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