ProTips for Caring for UGG Boots

Here are some tips for your UGG boots.'s professional advice after cleaning more than 20k pairs of boots.

In no particular order:

  1. Do not put your UGG boots near a heat source or in the dryer, it can burn the leather, cause them to draw up or singe the fur side of the shearling. If you need to dry them from rain or snow, Blot off what water you can, brush them lightly, if needed, and then try to dry them straight up and down. After they are dry, brush them a few times and they should look much better. Wearing them will return the soft feel.
  2. Do not use hairspray on your boots for spot removal, no matter what home remedy sites tell you. It will ruin the boots. Hairspray is for your hair not your boots. You have to wash your hair to remove hairspray. How are you going to wash it off your boots? Plus, hairspray is not the same product from the 1970's that contain other products in the spray that could work as a stain lubricant.
  3. Do not use shoe polish on shearling UGG boots. Shoe polish is not designed for shearling. It will leave dark stains that may not be removable. Shoe polished is designed for a different type of shoe leather and application.
  4. Misting water on the boots and brushing them can go a long way. Use the water sparingly and brush lightly, repeat if needed. Don't over do it with the water and brush lightly with the grain. This mainly what the UGG kit contains from their website. Glorified water.
  5. Do not use laundry soap, dish soap or any other soap. It will leave marks and pull color from the shearling of the boots. Store bought spotting products are for clothing, not leather or suede. If you insist on using soap, then please dilute it down by at least 20/1. Remember you can't do a rinse like you would with dishes or clothing. So blot and use sparingly. Do not use vinegar on suede shearling.
  6. You can purchase silca drying packs from, put these inside your boots after wearing them to help reduce moisture, which will help reduce smells.
  7. Be careful when wearing jeans that tend to lose color. Jeans with spandex will migrate colors onto lighter surfaces, UGG boots will absorb this dye. jean dye fade is difficult, if not impossible to remove.
  8. Using a brush on your boots will bring out the velvet nap and remove light soiling. This one from Amazon would be safe to use to brush your boots.
  9. It is okay to use soap and water on the rubber soles of the boots. Just use caution that this product does not run onto the shearling. Make sure you dilute the soap. You can always apply more. Mr Clean magic erasers can go a long way for cleaning any sole of any footwear. On gym shoes, rubbing alcohol will white the white soles.
  10. If your UGG's feel like they shrunk, after you were caught in the rain or snow, don't worry, they will stretch back out when you wear them and your body temperature warms up the shearling. If you can not fit your feet into them, then find some with a smaller foot and have them do a dance party in your boots. Just make sure they wear socks.
  11. UGG's are not snow or rain boots. They are fashion boots that my wife says are very warm and so does Tom Brady.
  12. You can brush the inside of the boots out with same suede brush. Your not scrubbing the fur, just fluff it.
  13. Do not try to remove ink stains with alcohol on your boots, alcohol can act like chlorine bleach and remove color, permanently.
  14. If are worried about the shape of the boots, when you are not wearing them, stuff them with socks to help keep their shape. Clean socks. Cotton socks are breathable.
  15. We can't help you you if your dog eats your boots, but we can clean them for you if fido pees on them. However, if your cat pees on them, then there may be no remedy.
  16. Do not put them in your washing machine at home. Even though we clean them by full immersion in water at our facility, we know what we are doing and have the correct equipment and products to perform the service. Despite what youtube videos and online forums suggest, don't wash them at home. Stick to the hand cleaning methods. Except in one case only, cat pee. Call us.
  17. You can buy new insoles for the boots from UGG's website. This can help with the feel on your foot, and that smell.
  18. Baking soda inside a sock can work as an odor eater. You'll make a mess getting it in there but it works.
  19. When applying a water repellent product. More is not always better. Try to find an aerosol product, if possible (not good for planet). When applying, follow the directions, spray from a distance as evenly as possible. You can always apply it again, do not over do it. Make sure the spray bottle is spraying correctly, start the spray away from the boot and then come across it after the spray has started. This will keep from getting blotches or spots. Do not use a cream, wax or silicon on the shearling suede. Those types of products are for other types of shoes.

We will add more tips as we remember them. UGG cleaning kits from the UGG website our $25.00-$50.00, our service provides the cleaning through mail right to your home for $55. Think about it before you try home remedies. 

Text us pictures of your boots for a free evaluation. Text to 859.474.0034 or email or use are live chat feature on our site.


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Jeff and Greg


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