Gum on leather

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Removing gum from leather

Other candies and foods

LeatherCareUSA can remove gum, candies and other food stains from leather or suede garments and accessories. There are many cleaning products that we can use on leather that are not for consumer use or handling. In most cases, these types of stains can be removed without an adverse effect on the leather. However, if you try home remedies, you may diminish our chances of removing these stains.

There are home remedies that consumers can find on the internet that will produce satisfactory results. We caution you when using these tips. The blogs and videos that can be found may have good advice, but you have to make sure that what you are applying to your garment will not produce unwanted results like color loss or rings. Always test, always do anything to your leather piece sparingly. You can always apply more product, but you may not be able to remove it. 

We offer live chat on our site and you can send us pictures to our text line 800.232.0792 or email them to us at We can try and offer advice for your product's care and hopefully avoid home remedy disasters.


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