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Leather cleaning and removing mold and mildew.

Our cleaning processes use full immersion. This means that the leather garment is cleaned inside and out by being fully saturated in the dry cleaning solvent or in water. We choose the best and safest method for each leather type. Some leather cleans better in water, some cleans better in solvent. Once the mold or mildew has been cleaned from the garment, we then have to address any remaining odors. We use active ingredient products to treat mold and mildew in the cleaning process. In most cases, this will remove the odor. We will clean multiple times and treat the the leather multiple times as part of the service, if necessary. There are no extra charges for multiple cleanings or for the mold and mildew treatment. If the cleaning process does not remove the smell, the garment can then undergo an ozone treatment. This is an odor removal process used for items that have been involved in fire, flood, or similar events.

If after all these processes an odor still remains, then it is not likely to come out. We have a high success rate, but it's not 100%. We do not guarantee odor removal for this reason. We have saved thousands of garments for customers over the years.

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