We Shorten Sleeves on Suede and Leather Garments

We offer sleeve shortening for your suede and leather jackets. The most common question we receive is about retaining the detail of the sleeves. When we shorten the sleeves we do our best to preserve the original design of the sleeve. There are various methods we can use to shorten sleeves, and we will select the method that will best preserve that look. Our service pricing includes everything we need to do to shorten your sleeves.  The following things can be done to retain the look:  

  • move zippers
  • move vents
  • move buttons

How do you mark the sleeves for final length?

Measurements are always best. For example, shorten sleeve 2 inches or 1 hem length. The second best way is to make a mark. Chalk works well and is not permanent. Safety pins work, but be careful as holes in leather are permanent.  You can also fold one sleeve to the final length and hold in place with a paper clip or binder clip. BUT NEVER use any adhesives. They can damage the leather and we may not be able to correct it. Always put your mark on ONE sleeve only and it should be the final length. Specify that it is the finished length. We will apply that measurement to the shortening of both sleeves. We recommend one sleeve, so there is not confusion if there are different lengths. Of course, if your arms are two different lengths then let us know, and we can accommodate the sleeve lengths to those measurements.

Can you Shorten Sleeves on Jackets That ARE NOT leather? 

Most definitely YES! We can shorten sleeves on other fabric jackets. This is a custom service. Please reach out to us using the contact information below for a free estimate.

Why Should We Trust You with Our Garments?

As they say, practice makes perfect. Needless to say, we have decades of practice. Our professional Leathercare Specialists perform this service hundreds of times a year, and we know how to work with all types of jackets. 

Remember, you can always send us photos of your jacket for a free assessment by using the widget in the bottom right on your screen, or feel free to call us at  859.739.0483 or email us at info@leathercareusa.com. 

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