Cleaning UGG™ boots

Posted by Jeffrey Schwegmann on provides professional cleaning for UGG™ boots and other similar footwear items. We can clean almost any type of footwear by our full immersion method of cleaning. This allows for deep cleaning of the inside and outside of the boots. After cleaning, the boots are brushed and buffed to bring out the velvet nap of the suede shearling and then are oiled and water repelled. Transform those boots from ugly and dirty, to warm, rich and supple again. 

We have cleaned more than 20k pairs of boots over the last 8 years. LeatherCareUSA's method is the best in the country. We caution you about using products at home that are not for cleaning footwear, particularly the shearling of UGG's. There are websites out there that show methods for cleaning boots, some are good, some are bad. Anytime that you try a home remedy always test first and apply the least amount of product possible. Leather and suede are absorbent materials, anything you put on, must be able to come off or be designed to stay. You can always apply more product, but you can't take it back if you over apply to much. UGG™ does not endorse any cleaning method except for the use of the UGG Care and Cleaning kit. You can find that product at this link.

With thousands of boots cleaned, we understand the boot's construction, how it will clean, what it will look like after, and how to correct blemishes. We can even restore color to worn and faded areas.

Send us text with a picture of your UGG's and we can give a free evaluation of how we believe they will clean up. Text to 800.232.0792.

Some example before and after pictures, will add more, as we collect them.

Ugg boot cleaning before and after picture

Ugg boot cleaning before and after picture

Blue UGGS with marker, before and after picture.

Black boots with mud, before and after picture.


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