Leather Bomber Jackets - Authentic American Leather

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Some our favorite leather cleaning projects are the old bomber jackets that come in to our shop for service. They normally have some type of story and they all have a history. We can provide all sorts of cleaning and repair options for these jackets. Here are some pictures and links about these iconic leather pieces. We will add images to this blog post as complete work on some

Recolor of leather bomber style leather jacket


Article about some of the history of leather bomber jackets from worldofleather.com



Han Solo's leather bomber from StarWars Force Awakens

Han Solo Leather Bomber - made by USAjacket.com

Examples of bomber art

WWII leather bomber jacket art - visit http://www.milcentric.com/2012/12/13/wwii-a2-bomber-jacket-war-paint/

Leather bomber jacket with hand painted artwork

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  • Jeff,

    Just wanted to tell you my fleece lined bomber jacket arrived this afternoon and it exceeds all my possible expectations! You and your staff’s work is excellent and well below my monetary thoughts. I will be wearing my jacket tomorrow, with pride. I will gladly pass on your name and address for anyone who has need your services.



    Patrick Farnon, Sr. on

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